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We can give our warm recommendations to anyone considering going to Kyrgyzstan in general, and with Ecotour in particular! We spent two weeks in some of Ecotour's yurt camps, and it was a highly memorable experience. Ecotour was very flexible and had arranged a programme that suited our wishes perfectly.

Tom & Karin Airaksinen
Stockholm, Sweden

Temir-Kanat (alt 2450) yurt camp
south side of Lake Issyk-Kul.

Here we will spend the night.


46-A, Donskoy Pereulok
720040 Bishkek
Kyrgyz Republic


+996 557 802805 (English)
+996 772 802805 (English)
+996 555 913245 (German)


In accordance with the third of our operating principles all 5 of our yurt camps are organised with the assistance of local people. Each camp has 4 or 5 yurts. From these camps we offer cultural (arts and crafts, etc.) and adventure (horse riding, hiking, etc.) tours. You can either select the camp of your choice and we will advise you on what is available from there, or tell us what you wish to do and we will advise you from which camps this is available.

It is also possible to combine several camps over a 2 or 3 week period thus enjoying the differing scenery and various activities available at each camp. It gives us much pleasure to assist our guests in “composing” their own special tour. Please contact us for details. Additionally you can select one special tour, for instance horse riding or textiles, and stay in more than one camp. Due to the great variety of landscapes and activities available the majority of our guests choose to have a three week holiday.

Finally you may just wish to spend time in one of yurt camps for a few days with nothing organised. In this instance we will advise you on the activities available in the area. The choice will always be yours, just to rest, to go hiking or to ride out on horseback with guides.

Lake Issyk-Kul is probably the best place to start your holiday where you can have a day or two just to relax, and get used to the altitude, climate and time difference. Your stay in the mountains can be interspersed with a short stay in Issyk-Kul at any stage. On the southern shore we have the Ak-Say camp on the edge of the lake, quiet and beautiful. Or you can stay in the small village of Kara-Talaa with a local family. Here the land is dry and barren, almost semi-desert, and a real contrast to wet and green Europe. In Bosteri, on the northern side of the lake, it is possible to stay with a local family. Their backyard is only a short walk from the beach where you can swim and relax. From Bosteri the Scythian-drawn petroglyphes in Cholpon-Ata are only a short journey away.

Our mountain camps are at Temir-Kanat (2,450m) and Tuura-Suu (2,220m). In both camps you will truly experience the nomadic way of life and marvel at the beauty of small mountain valleys devoid of trees but filled with eidelweiss and other mountain flora. You will be able to listen to the children singing and see them making music on traditional Kyrgyz instruments (komuz, oz-komuz, kyak, chor). Horse riding, for every level of ability, is possible in these camps. Either on foot or on horseback you can go and visit local families who live high in the mountains in their yurts and taste fresh kumus, our national drink made from mare’s milk.

Further to the east we have the Jeti-Oguz camp (2,250m) and from here you can admire an amazing splintered hill known as “Broken Heart”, and behind it the red sandstone cliffs that are Jeti-Oguz (Seven Bulls). The camp nestles in a small fir forest. This region often reminds people of Switzerland, and is well known for its flora. You can hike from here, or bathe at the Jeti-Oguz health spa and get a good massage. It is important that we draw your attention to the local climatic conditions which is humid and you should be prepared for the occasional rain shower.

One of the country’s diamonds is tiny Lake Song-Kol, 3,016 metres above sea-level, 29 kilometres long and 18 wide, it is the second largest lake after Issyk-Kul. The lake and shore are part of the Song-Kol zoological reserve. Our camp is on the south side of the lake at 3,100 metres. From the camp you can enjoy a never-ending panorama of incredible beauty that will soothe your soul and banish stress. In the summer the grasslands are dotted with traditional yurts. On horseback or on foot you can wonder around and take photos of the stunning scenery to help you remember Song-Kol forever. Due to the altitude this is our coldest camp, and the climatic conditions can change several times within a day. Even in July and August the overnight temperature can drop below zero.

Our yurt camps are waiting for you between June and September. Come and join us in the majestic mountains of Kyrgyzstan.


Kyrgyzstan is a land full of beautiful experiences and wonders unique...
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Kyrgyz nomadic culture

This journey suits people who are interested in the nomadic way of life
and the culture of the Kyrgyz people.
We expect you to be a little adventurous, to have an average physical condition
and not necessarily to demand luxury.

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Dates on request
Price   € P. person
2 week € 1.350
3 week € 1.650
Extra week € 300

The prices include everything except flights,
visa, insurance and bottled drinks


Ak-Say (alt 1600m) camp at Lake Issyk-Kul,
from where we go swimming and hiking.

Building a yurt takes time.

Yurt camp Song-Kol (alt 3310)
ready for your stay,

and some of our old friends there…..

Tuura-Suu camp (alt 2200),
a quiet and remote place.

We sleep the nomadic way.
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