14/03/2020    The Power of the Sun

Something a bit more positive.  We have had solar panels installed at the Umai Hotel and they went live today.  Ecologically this is a good move, eventually financially it will be a good move, and one benefit we did not expect is that it seems we have more and hotter water than before.  Thank you Sun.

14/03/2020    Kyrgyzstan Closes Schools

Kyrgyzstan has no confirmed cases of COVID 19.  So far the steps taken by the authorities to protect the country are successful.  The Government today announced that it will be closing all schools and universities for the next 3 weeks.  This follows the suspension of all public gatherings such as concerts.  These steps are being seen as precautionary.

12/03/2020    List of Countries on Restriction List Increased

The list of countries whose citizens will not be allowed entry into the country has been expanded to include Italy, Germany, France and Spain.  This includes other nationals who have visited these countries.

06/03/2020    Kyrgyzstan Restricts Entry to Some Foreigners

Kyrgyzstan has announced that people travelling from China, South Korea, Iran, or people who have traveled in or through those countries within the last 30 days, will not be allowed entry into Kyrgyzstan.

02/03/2020    ITB Berlin Cancelled

For the first time in its 54 year history the ITB travel Fair in Berlin has been cancelled.  Along with many other companies from all over the world, we are saddened by the fact that we will not be able to come and meet our clients.  Let us all hope that COVID 19 is resolved quickly and that everything goes back to normal as quickly as possible.