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We can give our warm recommendations to anyone considering going to Kyrgyzstan in general, and with Ecotour in particular! We spent two weeks in some of Ecotour's yurt camps, and it was a highly memorable experience. Ecotour was very flexible and had arranged a programme that suited our wishes perfectly.

Tom & Karin Airaksinen
Stockholm, Sweden

Today it is already more than a month ago that we left Kyrgyzstan, but it is still every day that we think about our wonderful time we spent there. One of the things mostly staying in our mind is that from the very beginning we felt we were your personal guests where ever we are staying. That kind of hospitality is unique.

Arnoud van Grieken
& Marion van den Ende
the Netherlands

We are proud that Ecotour has got
the Green Globe Commendation
Award 1999

But the best prize
for us is our guests' satisfaction

46-A, Donskoy Pereulok
720040 Bishkek
Kyrgyz Republic


+996 557 802805 (English)
+996 772 802805 (English)
+996 555 913245 (German)


About Kyrgyzstan  

Kyrgyzstan - officially the Kyrgyz Republic - is an independent state with its own constitution since 31 August 1991. Now it is one of the democratic republics of Central Asia. The president - the head of the state – is directly elected by the people for a single 7-year term, and the parliament elected directly for a five year term.

Territory: 199,900, stretching 925 km from east to west and 453 km from north to south. The altitude varies from 401 m to 7.439m; the average elevation - 2.750m, 90% - over 1.000m, 36% - over 3.000m.

Climate: Kyrgyzstan has a continental climate with a great difference in local temperatures. In general it is sunny, in some areas more than 2.900 hours of sun a year. In January the average temperature in Bishkek is around zero, at the Issyk-Kull lake it usually stays above zero. In February, March the snow disappears but high in the mountains, there can be snow until the beginning of May. It rains mostly in early spring. In the summer, in Bishkek it can be warm, even hot. Temperatures above 35 degrees are no exception. In the mountains the temperature stays more moderate. Depending on the altitude even in the summer it can drop to zero degrees.

Population: 6,1 million

Religion: Muslim (75%), Russian Orthodox (20%) and others (5%).

Nature and landscape: There is a great variety in landscapes. High mountains with glaciers, alpine pastures, semi- desert and lush river valleys, all are present. A great many Kaska Suu's, meaning "silver rivers" can be discovered in the mountains. You will find valleys with forests and naked, bare hills. Due to these different landscapes, you will find a great diversity of plants and animals. There are about 400 plants that only occur in this area, like some special kind of tulips and crocuses. More than 300 species of birds, 30 kinds of reptiles and amphibians and over 10.000 different insects live here.

In the mountains live wild goats, ibex and marco-polo sheep. About 60 % of the snow-leopard population is living in Kyrgyzstan. The chance that you will see one is, however, extremely small. In the Tian-Shan you can also find brown bears and wolves. The most common mountain animal however is the marmot.

Geographic location:

Neighbouring countries: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan (all are ex-USSR) and China.


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Ecotour is one of the most
experienced and reliable
tour operator in Kyrgyzstan

At Ecotour we are one family, all Kyrgyz
and all from the regions where we take you.
We love our country, are proud of it,
and wish to guide you around it.
Let the Kyrgyz show you Kyrgyzstan,
we were born here and grew up here,
everyone of us.


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