Boz Ui DE

A Boz Ui traditional nomadic felt dwelling, quickly assembled and also quickly disassembled by a few people. It is easy to transport. The felt covering keeps the rain, wind and cold at bay.

Boz ui or ‘grey house’. Today the felt used to make boz ui tends to be whiter, but in times gone by it was definitely greyer.

What are we talking about? Yurts of course. The term yurt is something of a generic name, and each country that has a nomadic culture has its own name for their yurts, and ours is boz ui.

Boz ui are the homes of the nomads. They were designed to provide shelter and accommodation in all weathers, rain or shine, freezing cold or heatwave.  It is possible to build or dismantle a yurt within a few hours, so they were and are easily moved when the nomad has to change location. Yet they were and are quite solid semi-permanent structures where families would live while their animals grazed in the nearby pastures.

And as for the greyness, the inside of a real nomadic boz ui has an astounding spectacle of decoration and colour. It is only upon entering that you are hit by the beauty and colours of a true boz ui.

(When you stay in a boz ui for the first time, don’t forget to ask why the wooden supporting structure is always painted red.)