Neue Programma


Every year our company designs new exciting tours and modifies old tours if necessary, taking into account the feedback and wishes of our guests

Seven passes trek

Trek over seven Tian Shan high passes - suitable for adventurous hikers
(15 days)

Ala-Archa trek

Trek in Tong and Ala-Archa National Park, for experienced hikers, through the mountains (15 days)

Cycling and horse riding

Combination tour
cycling and a 3-day horse
(15 days)

Easter in Kyrgyzstan

A tour around Issyk-Kul Lake ending with the Orthodox Easter in Bishkek (8 days)

Felt workshop

Workshops that will show and teach you the traditional way of felt making (4 days)

Short cycling tour

Cycling through the Suusamyr and Jumgal valleys to Kochkor
(4 days)

Spiritual Kyrgyzstan

See the different forms of Shamanism still present in Kyrgyzstan, and learn about nomadic culture (14 days)